Mod Stand Review – Part 2

by guest contributor David Eaton

Read part one of this review here.

Now is the time for all you Vapors to confess to a little secret. I bet over 90% of you have package tracking software on your smart phone to monitor the status of deliveries to your house – and not just any deliveries but the “Christmas in July” package that we know as VAPE MAIL!!

Not that it matters, but I prefer Package Buddy PRO which handles everything pretty well except for the month long deliveries from FastTech. What does matter is that I just received the best VAPE MAIL that I have received in the 15 months that I have been vaping. No, it wasn’t the latest greatest mod, tank, RDA, or accessory (although I have some of each on order…). It was an exquisitely designed, hand crafted, highly customized oak mod stand from the fine folks at PW Custom Mod Stand Creations.

20140404_132030I have seen lots of beautiful woodworking in my life. My own brother does so much beautiful wood working that he owns his own sawmill and has plans of pursuing his wood work full time within the next few years. The point I am trying to make is that I am familiar with the quality workmanship that goes into custom woodwork and PW Custom Mod Stand Creations makes some of the most beautiful and yet functional stands I have ever seen.

Now before you get the idea that I am so enthusiastic about the stand because I received one for review purposes, let me set the record straight by stating that I am a regular paying customer like everyone else and fully expect that they will give the same level of attention to your particular needs and expectations as they did my own. Due to the high level of customization that I requested, as well as the photos that they sent me during each stage of the assembly process for use in the review I told them that I was going to write (and because they really were a joy to work with), we probably ended up swapping close to 75 emails during the course of designing and building my stand. While mine took slightly longer to dry due to the high humidity with the rainy weather pattern they were in stuck in for several days, the average build time for a stand as detailed as mine is still less than a week.

And speaking of details, let’s take a look at the details of my stand. It is 12″ wide by 7.25″ deep and 6.75″ high at the top of the shelf. The drawer is 3″ deep. They also make ones with drawers that are 1″ and 2″ deep but, if you have collected anywhere near the amount of stuff that I have, you might as well go for the 3″ drawer.

image-5As per my requests they made the shelf to support tall mods in 18650 (or the newer 28650) mode although, at only 2″ higher than the base, even shorter mods with an 18350 in it would be easily removable.  As per my request they made the shelf to hold 3 older ego batteries (from my vaping infancy stage) as well as an iTaste 134, MVP, and VTR models. Since I plan on “punking” out the MVP with a steam punk motif, they also made a place for a slightly wider one to stand on the base. The shelf also includes room for 9 Nemesis size mods as well as 2 slightly larger holes for the 25mm King Style and Copperwood Acrylic Mod which I got from Mad Vapes ( Almost everything else took the slow boat from China and came from FastTech.

image-1In front of the shelf there are rows on each edge for drip tips as well as holes that are designed for the dual purpose of holding mods or tanks with the 510 connector on the bottom. There are 14 holes for drip tips, 4 holes for spare batteries, 4 slightly smaller holes for ego tanks,  15 holes for mods, RDAs, tanks, etc, and a larger round hole that is just large enough to hold a 30ml juice bottle.

20140405_153247As you can see I had a brain storm (usually it is just foggy… LOL) and came up with an idea which has the potential for adding a lot of versatility to the drawers and that is the availability of adjustable dividers which can be used to configure the drawer into a variety of configurations.  You can have your drawer divided into half, quarters, sixths, or into 4 sections with 2 of the areas twice as large as the smaller ones. One recent option is to ability of custom inserts to hold tanks, batteries, or whatever else you might like in upright position through the use of inserts for the size drawer partition of your choice. As you can tell from this photo, not all my tanks would fit on top so I had one made to hold some additional tanks in the drawer along with about half of my juice collection – most of which was made to order and purchased at All the juices there are nicotine free and the cost is very reasonable – $4 for a 10ml bottle and $10 for a 30ml bottle. You can’t find a better price anywhere…

image-11Unlike a lot of the hundreds of products that I have reviewed in the past, I had to think long now hard about coming up with anything negative to say regarding this stand and the only “con” that bothered me {and could be easily rectified by PW Custom Mod Creations} is  that the drawer is just a tiny bit too short for the 30ml bottles that do not have a very flush cap to them. Several of the 30ml bottles that I own were about 1/16″ too tall for the drawer to close properly. Unfortunately it would require a redesign of the entire drawer assembly and new template to be made in order to rectify that small “con” in a review that is otherwise full of positive comments and recommendations for such a wonderful product from an exceptional company to work with. If you need some organizational help to your vaping life look no further than the folks at PW Custom Mod Stand Creations.


The maddening spin by the anti-vaping advocates

2014-04-30 13.45.00The thing that seriously irritates me is the way the FDA, CDC, Politicians, and such talk about vaping and the need for bans and restrictions and the way the complicit press reports it. It’s subtle,but a recent article I saw this morning is a perfect example.

The headline quote, from a “doctor” and “public health commissioner” (fallacious appeal to authority if there ever was one) started with “It’s about protecting kids from picking up a deadly habit” and a need for “clean” air (as if vaping causes DIRTY and deadly air) as the need for bans. The suggestion that vaping is “deadly” is just put out there as fact and not challenged. Yet when they cover the OTHER side of the story at all, like they did in this piece, it was to say that “SOME” residents “complained” about bans. And what was the logic they listed? That vaping “does not bother people”.  Not that it’s not “deadly” or “dirty”, but that *some* people think others don’t care. No challenge at all to the “deadly” assertion. So, on the one hand, you have an “expert opinion” from this Doctor and other nameless “health advocates and city officials” (as if they all agree) that this is deadly and banning them is “necessary for public health”. On the other, you have “complaints” (a negative reference) by “some” (suggesting that not all agree with this) that it doesn’t “bother” people. It’s all spin.

Vaping has been around for over 10 years now and been widely popular here in the US and Europe for 8 years. Can they list ONE example where vaping has caused a “deadly” result? The overwhelming majority of folks who vape do it INSTEAD of a known deadly habit – smoking. Millions have stopped smoking all together. Many more have decreased their smoking as they increase their vaping. We KNOW that smoking is deadly and puts nicotine in the air.  And we KNOW that vaping doesn’t consist of smoke or the long list of carcinogens in cigarette smoke.  So how is it deadly?  How is it dangerous?  How is it dirty?

The whole thing is using Nancy Peloci “we must pass it so you can find out what is in it” logic.  The suggestion is that we should ban these outright or strangle them out of existence with regulations (amounts to the same thing) because not enough studies have been done to show they are safe.  But it is like a conspiracy theory.  If you are convinced that something is dangerous, no amount of evidence to the contrary will EVER convince you otherwise.  Instead of proving the danger as justification for regulation, they use the poor innocent kids that need to be protected as a PR prop and put a burden of proof on the vaping industry to prove that this is NOT dangerous.  You are forced to prove a negative.  And no matter how many studies you present where no one had any deadly or dangerous complications, there won’t be enough of them or they won’t be long term in length or whatever.  Yet we KNOW that the alternative is deadly.

Even if you don’t accept the evidence for the SAFETY of vaping and think the jury is still out on that, isn’t an unknown better than the alternative?  If you have two bridges in front of you that cross a canyon and you KNOW that a lot of folks that use one have been hurt or killed and NO ONE that has crossed the other has been hurt, much less died, which would you rather take?  If these sweet innocent kids that we are allegedly protecting are wanting to get to the other side, should we tear down the safer alternative because of the alleged unknown dangers?

The FDA and Conspiracy Theories

Over the last day or two, I’ve seen more than one vaper comment that the FDA deeming regulations are nothing to worry about or were anticlimactic as the initial headlines suggested.  Some have even dismissed the warnings to the contrary by suggesting (or outright claiming) that the warnings of the dangers of this are blown way out of proportion by those who want folks to buy up all their juice and mods.  But this is not some conspiracy theory used to promote sales via an induced panic.  And there are a couple of reasons for that.

The first reason why this isn’t some “mere speculation” to promote sales is because it isn’t immediate.  The whole “buy our stuff now because you soon won’t be able to” assumption is baseless when you consider that it will be months before the regulations are finalized, and enforcement of those regulations cannot take place until two years AFTER they are finalized.  When you consider that legal challenges to the regulations can delay this for additional years, there is no need for immediate stockpiling of stuff.  Personally, I’ve kept long-term durability in mind in my own purchasing of things for this reason, but that isn’t THE deciding factor in what I want to purchase and has not played a major role in the timing of my purchases.  In other words, I’m more inclined to purchase PG and VG by the gallon for the cost rather than some paranoia over whether I can purchase it next week.

But the primary reason why this concern over the FDA regulations is not “speculation” or some invention to cause panic is because the expressed concerns are actually FOUND IN the regulations.  It’s the idea that “this isn’t going to be bad” that is the speculation.

Lets just look at the juice side of it (since that is what I’m more familiar with and that is what I see as the focus of FDA control and regulations).  Many have suggested that since the flavoring we use as DIYers is food grade, that there is nothing to worry about and we will still be able to get it.  It doesn’t matter that the flavors have other uses. They don’t come under the same scrutiny and money pressures for those other issues. They now will be under scrutiny for these NEW uses. We will likely still be able to purchase nic or flavors and make juice for our own personal use. But that is all.

The problem is that under these guidelines you can’t GIVE it away to someone else (“prohibition on the distribution of free samples”), and if you SELL it you have to get the FDA approval to do so (“required submission of ingredient listing and reporting of harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs) for all tobacco products”, “required registration and product listing for all tobacco products” & “premarket review requirements”).  The approval is expected to be both lengthy and very costly. We will have to prove a negative. We can’t just show that no one has gotten sick from vaping. We will have to prove that no one can POTENTIALLY get sick or have a reaction to our juice – either now or in the future. And this doesn’t just affect the big guys.  There is no exceptions given here for small vendors or the DIY hobbyist.  As a pejorative quote in the New York Times put it, “You won’t be able to mix nicotine in your bathtub and sell it anymore.”  Even those of us with a designated room for our mixing hobby can’t even give it away under these regulations.  As they are proposed, it truly is going to put most juice vendors out of business. It will eliminate ALL custom blends.  We are going to be left with a drastic consolidation of juice manufacturers and flavors (guys with very deep pockets) and will be left with purchasing it how THEY want to sell it (likely in expensive cartridges like they offer now).  Small vape shops carrying these FDA-approved options will not be able to compete with the big chains of retailers on price and will likely have to shut down.   As a DIY enthusiast, I can selfishly say “well I’ve got mine so too bad for the rest of you”, but that isn’t the right attitude. This is going to affect ALL of us.

And the way it is written, this prohibition of gifts or non-approved sales apply not only to finished juice, but also the ingredients in the juice.  THAT is where it is going to hit the guy that thinks everything is fine because he mixes his own.  In the FDA proposed regulations, “components” are defined as ANYTHING “intended or expected to be used by consumers in the consumption of a tobacco product” and specifically includes items “distributed for consumer use OR further manufacturing”. Lest anyone think this would NOT include flavors, they make it quite clear. “Such examples would include air/smoke filters, tubes, papers, pouches, or FLAVORINGS used for any of the proposed deemed tobacco products (such as flavored hookah charcoals and hookah flavor enhancers) or cartridges for e-cigarettes”.  It is not LIMITED to cartridges or hookah stuff.  It just lists those as examples.  So the fact that someone can also make candy out of these flavors is irrelevant. It might make the enforcement harder, but ANY flavoring EXPECTED to be used in :”further manufacturing” by vapers now comes under these new guidelines.  So does the finished product. Instead of selfishly assuming that we’ll be fine because this stuff is food grade and has other purposes, we should be wondering how much more it is going to cost us and if it is going to be available when we want it because it can be EXPECTED that folks will flavor “tobacco products” with it and it will now have to get this new approval and meet this new standard for the POTENTIAL of harm.

And, BTW, it may be that every size bottle option and nic percentage option per flavor could be seen as a different “product” in a required product listing. The reason this could very well be the case is that different size cigarettes or ones with different blends are considered different “products”.  And of course anything with a different price in your product line would be considered a different “product”.  And different percentages of nicotine would need to be shown to the FDA to be safe from this potential of harm as well as every recipe with different percentages of nicotine or flavorings becomes a different chemical mix.  As such, all these combinations would need either a new product application or an application proving that it is just like some other previously approved product. Either way, it is a lot of new paperwork. And whether that directly affects us as DIYers or not, it will INDIRECTLY affect us with the cost of that overhead and red tape.

Finally, we need to keep in mind that we are kind of late to this ballgame and we are playing in THEIR park.  As vapers, we are not as organized and funded as those Major League guys that oppose us.  And THEY will get an equal opportunity for feedback on these regulations.  And with their money and clout, you can bet on THEIR voices being heard loud and clear.  As much as we can try to get them to be more reasonable from our perspective, a LOT of money and lobbying is going to go into getting them even MORE restrictive than they are proposed now.  So as bad as these things are now, it can actually get worse before these things are finalized.  Complacency and thinking that this is all scare tactics is the last thing we need right now.  The best thing we can do if we want this industry eliminated (as many want) is for us to let our guard down.  When it comes to these proposals, the devil is in the details – and he isn’t a caricature drawn just to scare us.  He’s for real.

Our Response to the FDA Regulations

I have a list of ideas (that I’m sure I’ll be adding to) on how we can respond to the proposed FDA regulations.  Before I get into that though, I want to link to some videos that express how this is a SERIOUS issue that needs the attention of all vapers.

Here are some things you can do:

  • After the dust settles and you have all the information, go to this link and send an informed, rational, and calm letter to the FDA expressing your concerns.  Think “reasoned” more than “rhetoric” here.  If we want them to take us serious, we need to be objective and professional.  This feedback is the most important thing you can do as an individual and the only official way for our individual voices to be heard in this process.  You have until the first week of July to get this done, but don’t wait until the last minute.  Nor should you rush though.  Wait a few days for all the experts to fully digest this FDA document and voice their concerns and responses to it.  Dimitri has some good thoughts already on what you can include in your letter on the Dimisphere web site.  I’m sure that CASAA will be having some “call to action” items associated with this soon as well.
  • Save a copy of what you write to the FDA.  Send it (or modified versions of it) to BOTH of your senators and to your congressman.  You can find out contact information for your representatives at  You can also contact the WhiteHouse.  And for this contact and the next couple of contact points, I’d recommend sending them emails, sending them snail-mail, and calling them.  And if you can find a forum to meet them in person, that’s even better! 🙂  Let them know that you vape, and you vote.
  • The FDA falls under the oversight of committees in congress.  The Senate committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (which has oversight of the FDA) can be reached at this page.  The Health subcommittee of the House Health, Energy, and Commerce Committee can be reached here.  These links also provide the individual members of those committees and they can be contacted individually as well.
  • The FDA also requires funding.  The House Appropriations Committee has a Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies.  They can be contacted here.  The Senate committee can be contacted here.  It can be requested that funding for enforcement be cut as well as funding for application review and processing be increased.
  • The FDA falls under the Department of Health and Humans Services (HHS).  Their contact page is here.
  • Before enforcement commences, we will have at least one election (2016) for federal offices.  Contact all of the candidates that are running for your area and express your concerns over this.  Every House member and a third of the Senators are up for election.  Let them know that you vape, and you vote.
  • Like, follow, and sign up for notifications from the CASAA Facebook page.  As they have recommended courses of action, you will be notified.  You can also follow their web site and join a Facebook group of CASAA members.
  • Follow the It’s Political playlist on Vape Team Media’s YouTube channel.  It will keep you informed on all the politics surrounding vaping and what you can do make sure our vaping freedoms are not taken away.
  • Expressing your opinion is cheap.  And we all know that money talks in a way that letters from folks you don’t know just doesn’t match.  If we are going to win this battle, we are going to need to fund the fight.  I, for one, will be putting aside my vape budget for the summer to help fund the lobbying and other efforts that will need to be done.  It’s not much, but if we combine our money in a concerted effort like what was done via community crowd funding for the testing of juice.  When you look at the billions spent on ecigs and accessories in a year, taking a small percentage of that to insure that we can KEEP an ecig industry is a wise investment.  I’ll be updating this point when I hear of a good effort that we can all get behind in a financial way.

Mod Stand Review – Part 1

by guest contributor David Eaton

image-11The cluttered mess beside my recliner, compromised primarily of mods, tanks, and bottles of juice has reached the point where I can’t even answer the phone without knocking something over – which typically begins an avalanche of primarily vaping related stuff that winds up all over the table and onto the floor. If you are a long-time vaper, I’m sure you can relate. It was time to figure out a solution for my problem.

As luck might have it, a contact had recently fallen into my lap (she was one of the many people sending well wishes and praying for my wife while she has spent almost four months battling a case of flesh eating bacteria). Her name was Paula, and she one of the is the “guys” that make up “PW Custom Mod Stand Creations.” While you can find out more about their stand options at their Web site, the best way to follow them and get updated photos of their work (including my stand ) is to follow them on Facebook.

As the name implies, these mod stands are all customized and, while they do make some available on their Web site and will occasionally post photos of a completed item that are available for sale on their Facebook page, the biggest advantage to their work is that most of their stands, in several sizes and shapes, are made to order and, as such, can be customized to your heart’s content.

For example, with regards to my case, the first thing that Paula needed to determine was if I wanted a full size base or not and if I wanted one with a “shelf” to help support taller mods (those configured in 18650 mode) in an upright position. She then asked me to make a list of all the mods the I currently own, have on order, or anticipate ordering in the near future. The list, once completed, was pretty extensive.

Based on the list that I initially gave her (and the fact that I prefer using my mods in 18650 mode) she recommended going with a full size stand with a shelf as well as the deep drawer (they come in varying depths). I asked her to sketch out what she thought it would look like and anticipated something on a yellow legal pad but instead received the following:


image-10The next part is the point of no return – and that is the part where they actually start cutting holes into the wood. That doesn’t mean that you can’t change your mind – just that it might cost you extra if you did…LOL Anyway, getting the right side holes into the wood for the shelf and making sure that they are lined up with the holes on the base is where it starts and then they continue with additional holes in the base for drip tips, tanks, shorter mods, and batteries, or whatever else you might prefer. Those holes under the shelf are deep enough to hold the base of the mods in place but the ones in the base in front of the shelf are deep enough to support anything shorter than a mod in 18650 mode without it falling over too easily.

Before I discuss the extra customization that PW Custom Mod Stand Creations is willing to make, let me discuss the quality of the stand. Each stand, whether it be the largest model that they traditionally make such as mine or a smaller “cup holder” stand (which are usually more difficult), every one is made from the highest quality wood without any knots or blemished in the wood at all. To protect the mods all the holes in the base are lined with felt (a color of your choosing), and the bottom of the stand is as well so your stand will not scratch whatever surface it is placed on. While they typically use oak for their stands, they can drop the price some by using pine or, if you are willing to pay extra for a wood that matches your home or vehicle, they cam use more exotic woods should you wish. Since pine and oak are light colored, most of their customers go with those options and let the builder of your stand stain them to a color that you like.

Now for the exciting part and that is the customization that are so critical to what the make be stand that it is part of their name. I have already mentioned that they use whatever felt you chose for the base of the holes (I went with green like a pool table) that hold the mods but they go the extra steps of discussing options with you (I easily swapped 75 emails, many containing photographs, with them) and letting you choose things such as the following:

1) Based on a photo that I sent them of the log wall in the background and the wood coffee table it would be resting on, they gave me the option of three different color stains. They didn’t just give me the name of the color but went so far as to stain 3 pieces of wood and allow me to chose one (or, in my case, two) of the colors to use on the stand.

image-62) Next came the handle for the drawer. They sent me photos of handles shaped like everything from mermaids to dragons and butterflies before I had the idea of a drip tip (how fitting is that?) and they promptly gave me a choice of 3 wood (or wood and metal) drip tips from Mad Vapes and let me choose the one I liked the best.

3) It was during the course of this flurry of emails going back and forth (they really do want to make sure you are getting exactly what you are paying for so they are constantly sending photos of their progress) that I came up with the idea of adding dividers to the drawer to help keep things in the drawer more organized. While they had never done that before, they thought it was such a great idea that that Paula, the one who designed and built my stand, said that she would probably add them to her drawer as well.

image-12 (1)3.5) While laying in bed late one night I suddenly had an epiphany: knowing from the photos that they would probably not just get some wood and glue it in place for the drawer dividers, I assumed that they would probably mortise the two pieces together by cutting offset notches 1/2 way through each piece and then fitting them together into a “+” shape. If that were the case then why not make more notches on the opposite side of each piece of wood and. without gluing them into place. allow the customer to use different pieces of wood to divide his (or her) drawer into 2, 4, or even 6 different sections with the option of 4 sections giving you the ability to make them equal sizes or, should you choose, have the vertical divider in the 1/3 or 2/3 position for evenn larger compartments if needed.
image-14) Finally, in case you wanted to keep tall accessories such as tanks, batteries, or even extra mod tubes (if the sections are short enough) uptight instead of rattling around in the drawer, PW Custom Mod Stand Creations is now not only offering the customizable configuration of the dividers but, if you supply them with the dimensions of the partition you have configured your drawer into, they can make a custom insert to hold those type accessories upright.

I can’t say enough good things about the great folks at PW Custom Mod Stand Creations. There was not a single curve ball that I threw at them that they refused to swing at and, to continue with the baseball metaphor, they hit every curve our knuckle bad (like the adjustable drawer dividers) into the bleachers. I am so satisfied with their work that I am getting some other things made to match this stand. Be sure to visit them on their Web site and follow them on their Facebook page to get photos of all their new projects.

To be continued….Read Part 2 here

MadVapes Copperwood Acrylic Mod

MadVapes Copperwood Acrylic ModBy nature I am a country boy. I spent my childhood and teenage years hiking the miles and miles of vast undeveloped meadows and forests behind my mom and dad’s log cabin. For the last 35 plus years, I have lived in or spent  large quantities of time in log cabins (my wife’s parents also built one that I have been living in for several years…) and in that type rustic environment. It is for that reason that I ordered a large wooden mod stand, which I will be reviewing shortly, to organize my vaping hardware and supplies.

One of the things I ran across during the design phase of this stand was the fact that MadVapes has a selection of wooden and metal tips for your favorite tanks. Upon further exploration of their site  I also discovered a beautiful Cottonwood colored acrylic mod. While it is made of acrylic, the wood grain pattern in it resembles a deep cherry wood swirling grain and is beautiful when using in conjunction with the wooden tip on the top of my tank.

As you can see from the photo, this is not a purely mechanical model but includes 3-digit LED display which will not only provide you the voltage remaining in the 18650 battery (the only configuration it takes since it is a fixed height and not telescopic) but,  to quote from the MadVapes Web site in order to get the specs correct,  it will also “allow you to adjust from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in .1 volt increments or 3.0 to 15 Watts in .5 Watt increments.  The AcryliMax is made of a clear durable acrylic and has a maximum output of 4 Amps”

If you are concerned about air flow, don’t be. The mod itself has 4 holes drill into the mod below the window containing the LED display and the control button. These provided more than ample air flow with the various tanks I tried with it and I had no difficulty in producing massive amounts of vapor even though that is not my typical style of vaping.

If you are familiar with the Zmax then you will not have any problem with this mod as it uses the same electronics to make menu changes using a single button.  If you are interested in more detailed information as too which batteries it will take and which cartomizers or atomizers it will work with it, I advise to visit the Web site for this MadVapes exclusive APV mod.

PROS:  this is one beautiful mod and is very comfortable to hold in your hand. When you add a wooden tip to your tank it highlights the wood grain look of the acrylic and gives it a warm rustic look. The added benefit of knowing how much voltage is left in your battery plus being able to adjust the voltage or wattage is a side benefit.  In addition MadVapes provides a 90 day warranty on this product.

CONS: While the pros outweigh the cons there are a couple of issues that you may want to consider. First of all, the thickness of the acrylic makes it slightly larger then the 22-23mm mechanical mods that you may be accustomed to using as this is 25mm in width and therefore may not fit in your current mod holder. Also, at $49. 99, I would have expected a better choice for a button. Rather then a slightly curved clear acrylic button which had an awful lot of play in it, making a button out of the same color acrylic as the mod and tightening it up so that its fits more snugly in the hole would increase the overall impression of the mod. As it is now, the clear button and the amount of play it has in the hole in the side of the mod seems to cheapen the feel of what is otherwise a beautiful mod.

Also bear in mind that this is acrylic, basically hard plastic, and is more prone to cracking or breaking should you drop it on a hard surface or, as one YouTube reviewer pointed out, tightening the base too hard.

Classified E-Liquids

img01_2It’s time to taste some juice…

In the interest of full disclosure, the juices discussed in this review were provided to me by Classified E-Liquids at no cost for the purpose of these reviews.

Let me begin by saying how impressed I was with the packaging for these juices. Each one comes in a bottle that is shrink-wrapped to prevent tampering and contains the typical warnings regarding not selling to those under the age of 18, keeping out of the reach of children, and even going so far as to say that some of the juices may contain peanuts for those who have allergies to them.  Along with the name of the juice, the label also contains a description of the flavor as well as the date that it was “born” and the batch number in case there was an issue with the juice not tasting properly.

The juices typically sell for around $12 a bottle from vendors such as Vaperev.  I have to compliment them on their unique way of describing the taste of each flavor by using videos rather than text descriptions. It is a very classy job.

For the purpose of these reviews, and to maintain as much similarity as possible, I used the same Nemesis mod with a kick as well as a dual coil RDA or,  in the case of the Plush flavor (which I will be discussing first), a dual coil iClear 30 BCC.  And, as I usually do with juice reviews, I tried to get an impression of the juice BEFORE being told what I am supposed to taste in it.

As I leaned back in my recliner with my eyes closed and begin to vape on the Plush flavor it immediately brought back memories of my grandmother’s banana pudding. The banana flavor although, typically weak when compared to the flavor of other fruits, come across very strong when you vipe and I am so glad that I chose to place this flavor in a tank instead of an RDA because I can see myself using this flavor quite a lot. Although the description on the bottle describes the flavor as being a banana soufflé, I will stick to my southern heritage and imagine myself once again eating my grandmother’s famous banana pudding. Classified really has a winner on their hands with this one…

The next juice I tried is called Keen and,  while it took several puffs before I was able to identify the predominant flavor, it suddenly dawned on me that it was blueberry. I guess it took longer than my case since I don’t eat that many blueberries, but the description on the bottle says this is a Kiwi-Blueberry-Apple mix. Unfortunately the kiwi and apple flavors were overpowered by the blueberry and I tasted a little if any of those flavors in this mixture. That being said, if you like blueberries then you will really enjoy Keen.

The next juice I tried fresh off the shelf with a batch date of only two weeks ago. It is called Chrisp. It only took one puff for me to immediately recognize the green apple flavor of a nice crisp Golden Delicious Apple from the North Georgia Mountains. I could tell however that there was something else mixed with it but couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I looked at the description of the juice and saw that it was Green Apple – Watermelon. Its funny the way your brain interpret taste because when I vaped on it next, it was the watermelon taste they came through very strong, and not the green apple. Both flavors we’re very delicious.  And I can see myself filling a tank full of it for an extended vaping experience.  In other words, it’s a possible all-day-vape.

The last bottle of juice that I was sent to review is called Fusion and lives up to its name. As with the other juices that I tried, I attempted to determine the flavors and mixtures of flavors prior to reading what the label said as a description of the juice. In this case, I puffed and I puffed and I puffed like the wolf trying to blow down a little piggies brick house and still could not identify what the predominant flavors were. Finally I looked at the bottle and realized why I was confused. According to the bottle, Fusion is a mixture of Blueberry and Passionfruit Tea. Having never tasted passion fruit in my life, it is no wonder that I had difficulty in identifying the flavors in this juice. If you like passion fruit, then I’m sure you’ll like this juice as well. But I have to admit that this juice combination was the least favorite of the four that I was sent to review.

In conclusion, there were two of the four that I absolutely loved and will be filling a tank full for more extended vaping experiences. The third I will keep handy with an RDA to vape for shorter periods of time, and the last one, the Fusion flavor, I will save for somebody that likes and appreciates passion fruit more then this southern boy. If I were a teacher grading these four vaping experiences,  I would probably give it an average score of 85 out of 100.  While I don’t have a taste for passion fruit, the Banana Pudding/soufflé and Green Apple Watermelon more than made up for it.